Canada’s best-kept secret: 14 cool and innovative clean-tech companies

Clean tech is Canada’s fastest-growing industry and perhaps its best-kept secret. According to Ottawa-based Analytica Advisors, which tracks and benchmarks the space, clean tech currently consists of about 700 companies in Canada, employing 41,000 people and generating $11.3-billion annually. Most of these companies are exporters, with 52% of sales outside of Canada and 42% outside of the U.S. …

dPoint Technologies

Based Vancouver, B.C., dPoint develops and sells membranes and energy recovery technology that significantly improve the energy efficiency and air quality in buildings.

It has adapted its patented fuel-cell heat and humidity exchanger technology for use in energy recovery ventilator systems, which transfer heat and humidity between the intake and exhaust in a residential or commercial building’s ventilation system. More than 20 of the leading HVAC companies in North America, Europe, China and India, including Honeywell, Daikin and Goodman, are using dPoint membranes.

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