Why Energy Recovery?

The Problem

With half of all illnesses attributable to indoor airborne contaminants, the EPA has declared indoor air quality a public health priority. While sufficient ventilation will alleviate most illnesses caused by air quality, venting out stale air also means lost energy.

The Solution

Energy recovery systems recapture most of the lost energy and bring it back in with the fresh air. This helps bring down both heating and cooling costs.

Why Not Just Open a Window?

All of the energy used to condition the air will be lost by opening windows. Additionally, opening windows for fresh air causes discomfort on Hot/Humid or Cold/Dry days and does not ensure adequate distribution of fresh air to all occupants, unless proper natural ventilation strategies have been designed into the building.

The dPoint Solution

dPoint Technologies manufactures ERV cores use a patented polymer membrane that recovers both sensible (heat) and latent (humidity) energy, has 0% cross contamination (EATR certified), is water washable and comes in various sizes and configurations.