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Polymer Membrane

dPoint’s patented polymer membrane is the backbone of our technology and inside all of our ERV cores.

Total Energy Recovery

The dense polymer membrane uses selective transfer technology to allow heat and water vapour to permeate through, while blocking contaminant compounds. The transfer is driven by temperature and humidity differentials between the airstreams.

How the dPoint ERV Core Works
How It's Made

dPoint Technologies ERV Core

Features & Benefits

Our patented polymer membrane and special manufacturing process ensures that all dPoint ERV cores have a number of advantages that make them the perfect solution for most projects.


  • Recover both sensible and latent energy (heat & humidity)
  • Reduce the size of the cooling system by up to 30%
  • Operate at lower temperatures without defrost (23°F or -5°C)
  • Meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Total Effectiveness of 50-60%


  • Maintain ideal indoor air temperature and relative humidity during heating and cooling seasons
  • Prevent recirculation of odors and irritants


  • Eliminate cross contamination from exhaust air – 0% EATR certified to AHRI 1060
  • Prevent mold and bacteria growth – ISO 846 tested with Rating of 0
  • Avoid virus transfer – ASTM Method F-1671 tested with 0 Penetration


  • Minimize maintenance with no moving parts
  • Wash with water for easy cleaning
  • Withstand pressure differentials up to 10” w.c.
  • Withstand freezing with no degradation


  • Customize plate size from 8” to 60”
  • Configure exchanger geometry for limited headroom or footprint

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Mustang is dPoint’s latest ERV technology and the future of energy recovery. This higher performing ERV has a lower pressure drop as well as all the features that our previous ERV has that has made it so popular.

Introducing Mustang

Residential ERVs

dPoint’s residential ERVs are offered with a light-weight and low-cost plastic frame and are perfect for both multi-family and single family homes. They provide all of the same benefits our customers are used to: savings, comfort, health, reliability, and flexibility.
With features including minimal maintenance and no odor crossover, dPoint residential cores are proven to be ideal for residential high-rises where they are currently installed in three of the tallest high-rise condominiums in Toronto.

See some of the projects our residential cores have been used in.

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Commercial ERVs

dPoint Commercial cores are offered with a robust aluminum frame designed for strength and ease of installation. They provide all of the same benefits our customers are used to: savings, comfort, health, reliability, and flexibility.

High performance dPoint commercial cores allow today’s designers to meet the stringent requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2010 of 50% total energy recovery. With features such as mold & bacteria resistance, water wash, 0% EATR, and Flexible geometry, dPoint cores are ideal for a wide range of new and retrofit commercial applications from schools and hospitals to sports arenas and airports.

See some of the projects our commercial cores have been used in.

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